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This morning I tried recording a longer story, one from deep in the archives.

It is an old story (circa 2004), and I would do some things in it differently if I wrote it now, but bits still make me laugh. I made some minor cuts for the recording (textual jokes that didn't translate and some narrative colour that, in my contemporary opinion, didn't.)

It was a challenge to record at this length, and I can hear where I start to struggle -- where I lose the specific rhythm of the narrative, or start to lose volume. I made some edits, some of which are almost seamless, and some, yeah, not.

Anyway, it was worth the attempt to learn more about the form.

The story (about 11 minutes long) is here.

In lieu of a proper post, here is another very short bit of fiction, recorded from the archive: "A Story is a Story".

I meant to come up with a really excellent post yesterday in which to nest the offering, but I was mired in the end-of-term bog. A mind of quickmud.

Today I will be in a bus and then a helicopter and then another bus and then a boat and then a motor vehicle of some kind on my way to visit the fam for the long weekend.

Finished watching Decline and Fall with LB last night. I enjoyed it -- I was afraid Waugh would be too heartless for me to do anything but cringe, but, apart from one surprisingly gory bit, the humour-of-human-cruelty was all at a bearable level of silliness. Perhaps a bit flat at the finish.

Right, well, off on my journey.



Apr. 10th, 2017 06:31 pm
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I'm experimenting with creating audio versions of some of the journal entries here, especially fiction (and I guess poems, but I haven't done any of the poems). There are currently five tiny minipods -- podettes -- podines -- on SoundCloud.

I think this one turned out the best:

The hail story from February 24

More fictiony bits

Green and Red (from 2014)

The snowperson story from February 10

Non-fiction (as much as anything ever is)

April 5 journal entry (Reading)

March 12 journal entry (Park-hunting)

It is ok to laugh at the minimalist harmonica-based intro/outros -- it was what I had on hand when I had the inspiration.



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