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Recently LB & S & I finished the first season of Legion.

The visual and sound design are amazing – particularly the sound, actually, which was reminiscent in parts of (what little I know about) Gaspar Noé’s soundscapes – for example, the use of low-frequency tones that make you tense and/or vaguely nauseous.

Legion is giddy and intoxicating, and each night when we were finished I walked home in a genuinely altered state.

Several Spoilers for Legion Season 1, and Some Points of Critique )

To sum up: brilliant sensory experience, clever structure, rollercoaster-of-the-mind plot, and slightly disappointing lack of risk-taking with the characters/focus, given the other accomplishments of the show.



1. Though certainly the Kerry/Cary dyad doesn't split along traditional gender lines.

2. To be fair, that might actually be true, but it's not necessarily something to revel in, narratively.

"Emotional problems" might not be the right term here, since the story is at least ostensibly about mental illness, but Legion felt preoccupied with David's negotiation of his powers, rather than with the lived experience of mental illness itself. Then, I don't know where they're going with David's identity, or how close it will be to the comic character.
In lieu of a proper post, here is another very short bit of fiction, recorded from the archive: "A Story is a Story".

I meant to come up with a really excellent post yesterday in which to nest the offering, but I was mired in the end-of-term bog. A mind of quickmud.

Today I will be in a bus and then a helicopter and then another bus and then a boat and then a motor vehicle of some kind on my way to visit the fam for the long weekend.

Finished watching Decline and Fall with LB last night. I enjoyed it -- I was afraid Waugh would be too heartless for me to do anything but cringe, but, apart from one surprisingly gory bit, the humour-of-human-cruelty was all at a bearable level of silliness. Perhaps a bit flat at the finish.

Right, well, off on my journey.



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