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I was on LJ for more than a decade. Now I'm over here and not over there, but I do use radiant_ghost to read a few favorite journals that have not crossed over. It's all very blurry and appropriately confusing.

If I recently followed you on DW and you have no idea who I am, I probably liked your a) reviews b) interests c) air of insouciance. You don't have to follow me, but you're welcome to. I have some friends-only posts where I think through Things in more detail, talk about work, share poetry drafts, or just want a smaller conversation. Friend or unfriend as it suits you. I will take none of it personally. I sometimes journal-surf to fulfill my hunger for quotidian magic.

I love journals and letters, both reading and writing.

I wish to find a joyful expression of my being. (How's that going? Oh, you know.)

I'm a queer transgendered man (he/him), quasi-academic and slightly published writer.

Your own arrangement with regards to gender, whatever that is or isn't, is awesome and I celebrate it. Same with desire and its expressions.

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1. bitterness, 2. chocolate, 3. bitter chocolate, 99 percent invisible, abecedarians, alan garner, alphabet books, anarchism, anne carson, archives, art, backlisted podcast, beauty, black phoenix alchemy lab, black sails, bpal, buffy the vampire slayer, christeene, cinema, cnidarians, coral bracho, costume dramas, design, doctor who, dodos, drag race, dresden files, fantasy, fauns, feminism, film, firefly, fountain pens, gender, gender and science fiction, genderqueer, ghosts, graveyards, guardian podcast, haeckel, hobbitses, homoerotic subtext, in our time, indigenous literature, ira glass, james tiptree jr., jane austen, judith butler, lacan, languages, leonard cohen, life on mars, linguistics, literary disco, literary theory, literature, london review of books, longform podcast, louise erdrich, magnetic fields, mark kermode, memory palace, michael silverblatt, modest mouse, monsters, mystery, new pornographers, new yorker, npr, nyrb, octopus, pablo neruda, paganism, plenitude magazine, podcasting, poem talk, poems, poetry, post-colonial science fiction, queer theory, radiotopia, rasputina, raymond chandler, reviews, rilke, rupaul's drag race, science fiction, slash, social justice, stationery, strong winds, t.s. eliot, terrence mann, the gothic, the last unicorn, the mountain goats, the national, the underworld, things with wings, this american life, three percent podcast, times literary supplement, torchwood, tove jansson, trans, transgender, tranzines, try guys, typewriters, typography, ugly wire sculpture, ursula k. le guin, velvet underground, visualization, vladimir nabokov, whedonverse, wolf parade, women's press science fiction, writers and company, writing, zines
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