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Walking home

Mar. 28th, 2017 08:43 pm
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Even in the rain, the cherry blossoms are luminous, though less distinct, like a vague cool glance from someone beautiful thinking of something else.

Their smell, though, coaxed loose by the precise and insistent raindrops, seems stronger and sweeter than on a bright day. Beyond the familiar peppery scent, something in them admits finally to being flowers.

There's a good cedary smell tonight, too, like a new fence, a young smell maybe also lifted up out of old wood and stain by the water's alchemy.

A fat black-and-white cat surges like a storm cloud into a foggy window, as if responding to me, but not looking at me.

There is a hole worn right through the concrete here, near the new sidewalk, showing through to the storm sewer like a wound.

This was a long day, and not a happy one, but these small witnessings are more than compensation; they are a clear rain that drives the ugly fragments into the gutter, down the drain, out into the great night-soaked ocean.

Though sometime I may have to retrieve and make sense of them, right now I am just grateful for a small clear space.


Spring as such

Feb. 4th, 2017 12:15 pm
radiantfracture: (john simm)
I saw the first cherry blossoms of 2017 yesterday. These clusters of bright pink, with their peppery scent, are my yearly marker of endurance. They signal the possibility of spring, hope, returning light, and not feeling dead inside. "We made it. We survived. Better times are coming": this is the yearly message of the ornamental cherry tree.

However, since I saw the blossoms during a snowstorm on the way to an anti-islamophobia vigil, the effect was somewhat blunted this year.

Turnout at the vigil was disappointing, but this is partly because it was the second vigil this week — the city held a brief gathering on Tuesday, and that one brought about 3000 people. This was maybe 10% of that at peak. I think it was organized by a very few people, though, acting quickly, and in that it was impressive. One of my former students played an honour song. His youth and enthusiasm, responsiveness and commitment -- that does lift my spirit. That might have to be my cherry blossoms this year.



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